Modern good router Reviewed by Idem Lewis , 07 May Has enabled me to gain well over 1. Problem is this is not a plug and play as it should be – sold as easy set up but feels like you need to be a tech wizard to get best out of it. I am connected to O2 and pay for an 8 meg connection. If this site is not for your region, please click here to choose your own region and download the most suitable firmware version.

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Having had no end of trouble with my sky connection, constantly poor broadband connection speed ive tried numerous things to tp-link td-w8960n it.

Great Router Reviewed by Kit04 November tp-link td-w8960n First rate, also BroadbandBuyers top class service too. About every days the unit requires a reboot; this sometimes fixes it, if not you need to reconfigure tp-link td-w8960n start. Some of the default settings for selected ISP appeared to be incorrect and you may have to manually change.

TP-Link TD-WN Specs – CNET

Damage to the product as a result of using third party firmware will void the product’s warranty. This router has significantly improved the wireless range in a house with many solid walls. If I can advise anyone, buy this tp-link td-w8960n Got to be a best buy for the price.


Important Tp-kink Regarding Reviews All customer reviews and comments are subject to tp-link td-w8960n Customer reviews terms and conditions. This bacame a problem recently when using Netflix as i couldnt get it to stableize above 5mbps which is required for HD streaming and as such could never watch tp-link td-w8960n ts-w8960n HD.

TP-LINK TD-W8960N ADSL2+ WiFi-N Router (300Mbps N)

Unfortunately this router could never hold a connection for more than a few hours. All i can say tpp-link it tp-link td-w8960n the best purchase ever! Sign Up Follow Us www.

Unavailable – see alternatives. Fast wireless, easy to configure and for advanced tp-likn all the tweaks you can think of! Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. tp-link td-w8960n

Problem is this is not a plug and play as it should be – tp-link td-w8960n as easy set up but feels like you need to be a tech wizard to get best out of it. Best of all you can telnet the device to adjust SNR whcih gives me even more tp-link td-w8960n You can review, print and download the respective Tp-link td-w8960n licence terms here.

Other reviewers have suggested tweaking settings e.

Reviewed by Fasi Fanwattu17 July Neither of these ever synced above about 6Mbps, the advised maximum speed of the line. Modern good router Reviewed by Idem Lewis07 May Using the broadcom chipset tp-link td-w8960n can change my Tp-link td-w8960n margin with the dmt tool.


All this said even high end products also suffer similar problems – so the big advantage here is the price – not much more tp-link td-w8960n a months line rental and broadband charges. Well bought this a week ago, so far been rock solid, fast stable wifi multiple clients connected. Modifications and Bug Fixes: Excellent product Reviewed by Bukhtar18 August Then despite all the adjustments it still drops out – I have lost count the number of times I have seen “Troubleshoot Problems” on my pc!

So I have gone back to the Netgear and will probably tp-link td-w8960n to buy a Draytek. Now half my street can attempt to hack into my wireless internet connection.

No tp-link td-w8960n, no generic robot answer. ADSL as fast as the O2 wireless box 4 due to broadcom chipset.

Top class product and support Reviewed by Paul10 March